The age-old craft of fishing has a special place in Lebanese life. Explore Lebanese fishing traditions for yourself with a fishing trip at sea with an experienced captain as your guide. A fishing excursion in Lebanon is a relaxing encounter with local culture, customs, and people.

Imagine the soft whir of your rod as you cast out your line on a boat bobbing gently on the Eastern Mediterranean waters. Leisurely chat with your companions and your local guides as you wait for that tension on the line. Feel the sun on your face and breathe deeply. Sip a cold drink and take it all in. For seasoned fishing enthusiasts or even beginners, fishing trips in Lebanon are a golden experience.

Fish are plentiful in the waters surrounding the Dbayeh Marina, where our fishing boats are docked. The captain will navigate the boats to the best spots in the Jounieh bay for dropping a line. He can answer all your questions about the coastal area and the varieties of fish to be caught.

The Daily Catch
Fishing enthusiasts in Lebanon are in good company. Avid fishing sportsmen disembark at the Dbayeh Marina to swap tales about the day’s catches. They bring a great variety of fish to shore. Using shrimp, worms, and synthetic bates, they catch species like the Porkfish (Mabrad in Arabic), the Redcoat Squirrelfish (Nylon in Arabic), the Common Pandora (Arabic: Jarbidi), the Red Mullet, or Yellowfin Mullet (Sultan Ibrahim in Arabic), and the Barracuda (Malifa in Arabic).

Big Fish
For those who venture out beyond the coastal reef area and into the deep blue open sea, that is where some of the biggest fish are caught. Fishermen come back with Narrow Barred Spanish mackerel, which can measure up to 100cm, or maybe a Skipjack tuna, which reach up to 120cm, or even a Dusky Grouper, whose longest recorded size is 122cm. Now that’s a big fish!

While fishing in Lebanon, you’ll encounter a number of different techniques, depending on the conditions. In the shallower reef area, bottom fishing with a rod is common. Bottom fishing employs a weight at the end of the line, with the hook a few centimeters up from the weight. In deeper waters, some fisherman prefer jigging, which involves the use of a jig, a kind of lure that jerks up and down vertically to attract fish. A third popular method is trolling, or the slow dragging of the hooked and baited line through the water.

Jounieh Bay
Unless you’re a pro and prefer trolling, our boats will most likely head towards Jounieh Bay. The bay is just 10 kilometers north of the Marina and has a reputation as one of the most beautiful bays in the world. From a fishing boat in the Jounieh Bay, you can see the glittering Mediterranean Sea to the east and Lebanon’s coastal mountains to the west.

Come see for yourself why fishing in Lebanon makes the perfect sport on a sunny morning or tranquil moonlit waters. Relaxing, refreshing, and ultimately exciting when that tug on the line finally jerks you to your feet, your time on a fishing boat in Lebanon will be time well spent. Bring home your catch, or at least some memorable moments, fun photos, and tall tales!

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Fishing trip for 8 persons

Fishing trip for 8 persons

Fish are plentiful in the waters surrounding the Port Dbayeh, where our fishing boats are docked. Th..


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